Half Nelson

Music from Half Nelson the movie

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"Stars & Sons" by Broken Social Scene
Dan cleans the cocaine off his coffee table. He goes out to bar and dances with a girl. 0:05
"A New England" by Billy Bragg
Dan sticks his tongue out at a woman in the bar. In a motel room he talks about WMD's and takes drugs. 0:43
"Lover's Spit" by Broken Social Scene
Dan snorts cocaine. He talks about his ex-girlfriend getting married and rehab. Dan and the woman dance slowly. 0:44
"Wanted" by Rhymefest (Feat. Samantha Ronson)
Plays at the school dance. 1:00
"Udonomehomey" by Samuel Gilbert
Drey gets her bike back without resorting to violence. Continues as the students go to museum. 1:05
"It's Alright to Cry" by Rosey Grier
Dan at dinner with his family. The record plays. 1:21
"Can't You See" by The Marshall Tucker Band
Dan sits slumped in the chair as his mum and brother dance to the music. He talks to his dad. 1:23
"Shampoo Suicide" by Broken Social Scene
Drey enters room 50 to find Dan with other drug users. She gives him drugs and leaves. 1:28

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whats the song when Dan shoots some coke then fucks the other teacher?
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jhgjghjhg at 05:23PM, 25th Aug 2010

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