Music from Hancock the movie

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"Whammer Jammer" by J. Geils Band
Opening scenes. Criminals in a white jeep shoot at police during a chase. 0:00
"Highway 13" by John Lee Hooker
Hancock sleeps on a bench until some kids wakes him. 0:01
"Move B*tch" by Ludacris (Feat. Mystikal and I-20)
Hancock flies into the air, through a flock of seagulls, just missing an aeroplane to help out the cops. He smashes a sign and wrecks most of the police cars. 0:02
"Move B*tch" by DJ No Name
Hancock sits in the backseat of the criminal's jeep as they point their guns at him. 0:03
"900 #" by 45 King
Hancock points at his broken beer bottle and shakes his head. He slams his feet through the floor and stops the truck. He flies around carrying the truck until he impales it on a building. 0:04
"I'm in the Mood" by John Lee Hooker
Hancock sits in a bar as the TV plays the news report on his earlier antics. He threatens a lady at the bar who stares at him. 0:05
"Water from the Same Source" by Rachel's
The camera pans up until we see Hancock's trailer. Inside his trailer he looks inside a metal case and then at Ray's business card. Instrumental. 0:18
"Best Dressed Chicken in Town" by Doctor Alimantado
The camera pans over Ray's neighbourhood. Some kids play in the street and Hancock lands. 0:19
"Colors" by Ice-T
Hancock arrives in prison. 0:26
"Sanford and Son Theme" by Quincy Jones
2 prisoners experience what happens when you cross Hancock. It involves heads and asses. The other prisoners shout, laugh and nearly vomit. 0:28
"Tippi-Toes" by Meters
Ray gives Hancock some PR advice in prison, Hancock sits in AA meetings, and shoots hoops with the other prisoners, the radio talks about him. Instrumental. 0:30
"Paper Planes (DFA Remix)" by M.I.A.
Hancock, Ray and Mary arrive at the restaurant. Hancock is thanked and has his photo taken. 0:45
"Two" by Ryan Adams
They eat in the restaurant and Ray explains how he and Mary met. 0:46
"Wasted Days and Wasted Nights" by Freddy Fender
Back in prison the convicts do weights in the exercise yard. 3 prisoners talk about revenge on Hancock. 0:56
"Here I Come" by Roots (Feat. Malik B. and Dice Raw)
1st song in credits. 1:22

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