Music from Happiness the movie

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"Happiness" by Jane Adams
Joy sings and plays guitar in her bedroom until she gets a phone call. 0:32
"Mandy" by Barry Manilow
Joy arrives home in the car with Vlad. Vlad turns off the engine. 1:10
"You Light Up My Life" by Anatoly Aleshin
Vlad sings and plays the guitar in Joy's apartment. The music continues as they have sex. 1:14
"You Light Up My Life" by Montovani
The next day Joy walks to work happy and isn't phased by the protesters. Instrumental. 1:16
"All Out of Love" by Air Supply
Allen dances with Kristina in a bar. 1:34
"All Out of Love" by Air Supply
Allen gets into bed with Kristina. 1:48
"Eternal Lighthouse" by Vladimir Mozenkov
Joy knocks on Vlad's door and a woman answers. 1:50
"Happiness" by Michael Stipe with Rain Phoenix
End credits. 2:09

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