Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Music from Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle the movie

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"Chick Magnet" by MxPx
Billy and J.D. leave Harold to do their work over the weekend. They leave for work early and the tollbooth guy lets them out without paying.
"Ridin'" by 86 & Classic
Opening credits, Harold looks for a parking spot; end credits song.
"Camel Toe" by Fanny Pack
Harold sees Maria at the elevator.
"Let's Get Retarded" by the Black Eyed Peas
Harold comes out to find Kumar trimming his pubic hair in Harold's room with the scissors he uses for his nose hair.
"Fall In Line" by Phunk Junkeez
Heard playing from the truck of the extreme sports punks.
"Rock" by Lexicon
Harold and Kumar head off to White Castle but have to stop at the tollbooth.
"The OfficiaL" by Lexicon
Harold and Kumar enter the drive-thru for Burger Shack and ask what happened to the White Castle that used to be in that spot years ago.
"Dance of the Warrior" by Zion-i
In the car, Kumar tells Harold they're going Princeton to score weed and Harold says he doesn't want to see Cyndi-Kim there.
"Rock Your Body 2004" by Stagga Lee
Plays at the Asian party at Princeton.
"Looking for Bueno" by Marcus Latief Scott
Harold sees Maria at a theatre going to see Sixteen Candles and Kumar tells them they have something in common: "the same lame taste in movies."
"Same Ol' Song" by Phunk Junkeez
The song coming from the truck of the extreme sports punks when they show up at the gas station before harassing the cashier.
"Gangsta Gangsta" by J. O'Neal and D. Black
Heard coming from the stereo of Harold's car when Neil Patrick Harris steals it.
"Crazy On You" by Heart
Kumar spots the bag of weed in the police station and has a fantasy about marrying, having sex, and doing other activities with it.
"On the Ganges" by Matt Hirt
Plays when Kumar and Harold smoke and get the idea to ride the cheetah.
"Ballin' Boy" by No Good
Playing from the car's stereo when Neil drives past in Harold's car, snorting coke off of topless strippers' asses.
"Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Nicki French
Harold and Kumar steal the extreme sports punks truck and find out they're posers when they put in a mix tape which has this song playing on it.
"Baby Baby" by Amy Grant
The second song Harold and Kumar hear on the posers' mix tape.
"Hold On" by Wilson Phillips
The third song Harold and Kumar hear on the posers' mix tape and they sing along to it.
"Also Sprach Zarathustra" by David Kitay
Remixed theme from 2001: A Space Oddesey that plays when Harold and Kumar finally eat their meals.
"I Wanna Get Next to You" by Rose Royce
Harold finally confesses his love to Maria and they kiss each other in the elevator.

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