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Music from Henry Poole Is Here the movie

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"Love of the Loveless" by Eels
Opening credits. Henry (Luke Wilson) sits in his car and watches his childhood home. He shops at the supermarket and notices Patience's name tag. He settles in his new home. 0:03
"Song 2" by Blur
Henry washes the wall with a hose but he notices that the blood hasn't moved. 0:23
"Not Dark Yet" by Bob Dylan
Henry looks at an old picture of his family and sticks it on the wall of his house. He watches the sunset. 0:44
"Morning Yearning" by Ben Harper
Henry and Dawn (Radha Mitchell) go for a walk after she gives him some cookies. They go into their respective houses. Henry eats the cookies. 0:56
"All Roads Lead Home (The Surrender Song)" by Golden State
Henry surrenders in the water fight. Henry walks through the drainage channnel and remembers him as a little boy riding the same route on his bike. He stops under a bridge and finds the message he wrote when he was younger. 1:04
"On An Ocean" by Jeff Rona and Lisa Gerrard
Henry lies in bed and gets up to look at his wall. He cries and tries to touch it but can't. 1:18
"On An Ocean" by Jeff Rona and Lisa Gerrard
Henry gets angry and smashes the wall with an axe. The house crashes down on top of him. 1:24
"Promises" by Badly Drawn Boy
Henry lies in his hospital bed. Henry arrives home from hospital to find cookies. He looks at his damaged house. Dawn comes out to meet him out front and they kiss. Henry crosses out 'was' and writes 'is'. Continues into end credits. 1:31

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