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"Goody Two Shoes" by Adam & The Ants
The background (history, qualifications, injuries) of Angel narrated by his Sergeant. 0:02
"Here Come the Fuzz" by Jon Spencer & The Elegant Too
The underage drinkers are photographed and booked at the station. 0:13
"Village Green Preservation Society" by The Kinks
Angel goes for his morning jog and is greeted by the villagers. 0:13
"Baby Fratelli" by The Fratellis
The officers from the station go to the pub for lunch. The other officers act cold towards to Angel. 0:19
"Dance with the Devil" by Cozy Powell
Butterman asks loads of questions about the action he's had and then after a visit to the shop, what films he's seen. 0:20
"Slippery Rock 705" by Stavely Makepeace
Angel gives a speech at the local school. The paper spells his name wrong and the station tease him. He gets a call that a swan has escaped and Butterman and Angel try to catch it. 0:23
"I Can't Control Myself" by The Troggs
Angel is monitoring car speeds while Butterman talks about movies. 0:30
"Lovefool" by The Cardigans
Sung by the cast of Romeo & Juliet at the end of the play. 0:34
"Night of Fear" by The Move
Back at the pub the reporter asks Angel for a quote. Angel congratulates Mr Blower. 0:35
"Romeo and Juliet" by Dire Straits
Plays on Simon Skinners radio as he pulls up at the car accident in his Jaguar. Angel asks how he knows the identities of the victims. 0:39
"Blockbuster" by Sweet
Angel and Butterman go to the pub to celebrate the gun seizures. Angel gets a pint since the wine selection is poor. Butterman asks why Angel wanted to be a policeman. 0:43
"Solid Gold Easy Action" by T. Rex
After Butterman pretends to stab himself in the eye both he and Angel start drinking more pints of beer. Angel encounters Skinner and a drunk George at the bar. George urinates on a fruit machine. 0:45
"Fire" by Arthur Brown
Skinner drives past Geaorge's house after it's exploded. 0:51
"Village Green" by The Kinks
At the village fete. Angel sits on a bench and takes everything in. 0:52
"Here Come the Fuzz" by Jon Spencer & The Elegant Too
The perpatrators are photographed at the station and look angry. 1:47
"Caught by the Fuzz" by Supergrass
1st song in end credits. 1:50
"Solid Gold Easy Action" by The Fratellis
2nd song in end credits. 1:51
"Here Come the Fuzz" by Jon Spencer & The Elegant Too
3rd song in end credits. 1:53

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