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"Peppyrock" by BTK
Anton wakes up and this song plays on his Walkman. He flips the tape and it's the same song. Repeated when he wakes up the next morning and walks downstairs the day and his dead friends are downstairs.
"Bloodclot" by Rancid
Anton goes about his morning routine.
"Shout At the Devil" by Motley Crue
Anton walks over to Pnub's basement for weed and this song plays over his neighbor Randy's truck stereo while he's working on it.
"Santeria" by Sublime
Plays in the background while Anton, Mick and Pnub talk in the latter character's basement.
"Core (In Time)" by David Garza
Anton walks over to Molly's house to return her journal.
"I Am a Pig" by Two
Anton makes himself a sandwich with blood on the knife when he realizes there was a killer in the house.
"Pop That Coochie" by 2 Live Crew
Anton pulls Mick and Pnub into the house and show them his dead parents and the guys don't even notice them. They're paying attention to this song's music video on the TV, which they thought was banned.
"How Do You Feel" by Vanessa Dauo
Anton and Molly make out in her bed and Anton has the strap his possessed hand to the bed (to keep from killing her), which Molly finds kinky.
"Dragula" by Rob Zombie
The nerd cops bust into Anton's house for killing his friends and yell at him to put down the knitting needles that keep his hand occupied.
"Rude Boy Rock" by Lionrock
Mick and Pnub heat up some burritos. Mick finds a way to put Pnub's head back on.
"Glow In the Dark" by David Garza
Plays at the bowling alley when Randy hooks up with Debbie.
"Mindtrip" by Zebrahead
The boys run to Randy's truck before it kills Molly at the Halloween dance.
"New York Groove" by Ace Frehley
Randy's two friends make out in the car before Anton's hand kills them.
"I Wanna Be Sedated" by The Ramones
The band The Offspring covers the song at the Halloween dance.
"Beheaded" by The Offspring
Second song performed by The Offspring at the dance.
"Cailin" by Unwritten Law
Anton has saved Molly and they kiss under the car before he's accidentally crushed under it by Pnub.
"I Wanna Be Sedated" by The Ramones
End credits song #1.
"Second Solution" by The Living End
End credits song #2.
"Push It" by Static X
End credits song #3.

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