Music from Igor the movie

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"Pennies From Heaven" by Louis Prima
Opening scenes. Opening titles. Igor narrates giving us some background. 0:00
"Jump Jive N-Wail" by Louis Prima
Igor builds his monster with the help of Scamper and Brain. 0:15
"Baby, Won't You Please Come Home" by Louis Prima
Igor puts down flowers for Eva to pick up as he leads her home. 0:21
"Beep! Beep!" by Louis Prima
Igor takes Eva for a brain wash. 0:23
"Tomorrow" from Annie by Molly Shannon
Eva sings and spins around. 0:35
"The Bigger The Figure" by Louis Prima & His Orchestra with Keely Smith
Igor and Eva have fun. Igor designs a costume. Brain and Scamper help. 0:39
"Tomorrow" from Annie by Molly Shannon
Evil Eva sings as she attacks the other inventions. 1:07
"I Can See Clearly Now" by The Hit Crew
Igor and Eva stand together on stage when the Blind Orphans sing and the crowd cheers in the audience. Originally by Jimmy Cliff. 1:15
"Pocketful Of Sunshine" by Natasha Bedingfield
End credits. 1:16

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gogo at 06:18PM, 31st May 2010
There is a song played within the end credits of Igor that I can't seem to find anywhere! A line within the chorus reads: take me away... That line is repeated a couple times. I am so frustrated. Please help...
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Christine at 09:03PM, 27th Jun 2010
I was looking for that song too hahaha Pocketful Of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield.

Thank You very much!!!!!!
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Francisco Cheung at 03:47AM, 17th Jul 2010

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