I Know Who Killed Me

Music from I Know Who Killed Me the movie

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"Step On Inside" by Vietnam
Opening scenes and credits. Dakota pole dances in the club. 0:01
"Grand Valse Brillante in A minor Op. 34, No. 2" by Frédéric Chopin
Aubrey learns piano with her piano teacher. 0:04
"Maybe You Can Owe Me" by Architecture in Helsinki
Aubrey types on her Macbook in her bedroom at night. She taps her foot and reads in her head. 0:06
"Hat Energy" by Awesome Color
Aubrey pulls up in her Lexus and watches the yard guy in her rear view window. She sticks her finger up as she walks past. 0:12
"How Long" by Out Hud
Dakota pole dances in the club. 0:38
"Freya" The Sword
Dakota thinks back to her first day of dancing. She takes a cigarette off a customer, takes a drag and then carries on dancing. 0:39
"Obscene Strategies" by Trans Am
Dakota and Jerrod have sex in her bedroom while Susan cleans downstairs. 0:54
"History of Bad Men" by Melvins
Dakota dances on the pole again until blood starts to run down. 0:59
"Dusty Nothing" by Dead Meadow
Dakota explains about her injury to her boss in the dressing room at the club. 1:01

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