I Love You, Beth Cooper

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"Forget Me" by Violet Columbus
Title screen. Opening scenes. At graduation a girl sings and plays guitar for the other students. 0:00
"True" by Spandau Ballet
Dr. Gleason imagines the time she was in love. She's in a car with a boy. The dream ends when he says her boobs are weird. 0:09
"Star In The Making" by Transcenders (Feat. J7 D'Star)
Kids drive past and shout at Denis and Rich. 0:12
"Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast" by Airbourne
The Trinity arrive at Denis' house in the car and walk in slo-mo up to the door. 0:19
Beth's ringtone in Denis' house. 0:22
"The Ride Of The Valkyries" by Richard Wagner
Blasts out of Kevin's truck as he drives onto Denis' garden. 0:26
"New Wave" by Against Me!
Beth, Denis, Rich, Cammy and Treece race away from Denis' house in Beth's car with Kevin and his buddies running after them. They get away and drive fast through the streets. 0:33
"Feels Like The First Time" by Foreigner
Denis' calls his dad who's with his mum in the car. He doesn't answer the call. 0:35
"School's Out" by Alice Cooper
Denis plays the song on his iPod which plays through the car radio. They all sing along. 0:37
"Sway" by The Kooks
In the woods Rich doesn an impression of Jack Nicholson but it doesn't go well. Beth talks with Denis. 0:42
"Beth" by Kiss
The song starts playing on Denis' iPod and he gets embarrassed. Beth tells him to leave it on. The rest of the guys leave. 0:44
"Try It Again" by The Hives
Back in the car Beth turns the headlights off and they drive through the dark. 0:50
"Catch Me If You Can" by Gym Class Heroes
The guys arrive at a graduation party. Denis watches Beth from the balcony then goes off to find a balcony. 0:52
"Forget Me" by Violet Columbus
Some kid sings the song as he cries on Denis' shoulder. 0:56
"Shut Up And Let Me Go" by Ting Tings
2nd song at the graduation party. 0:56
"Let It Rock" by Kevin Rudolf (Feat. Lil' Wayne)
3rd song at the graduation party. Denis and Rich try to leave but run into Kevin kissing another girl. 0:58
"A Good Idea At The Time" by OK Go
After Beth saves Denis they drive along in Kevin's truck. Denis gets angry. 1:03
"Come Out Of The Shade" by The Perishers
Back driving in Beth's car. Beth apologises to Denis. Denis takes off his shirt. 1:14
"Let It Be Me" by Ray Lamontagne
The guys drink vodka out of various strange glasses. Beth and Denis leave to watch the sunrise together. 1:21
"Cruisin'" by Smokey Robinson
Cammy and Treece flirt with Rich in the cabin. 1:25
"Forget Me" by Eleni Mandell
End credits. 1:35

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