In the Valley of Elah

Music from In the Valley of Elah the movie

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"Roc Like This" by Stratjic
Hank (Tommy Lee Jones) in the strip club. He shows the barman a photo of his son but he can't help. 0:12
"What Have We Done" by Wanda Jackson and Justin Trevino
Hank asks questions in the gun shop. 0:33
"SHU44LE" by Jesse Davey & Robin Davey
Hank drinks in a bar. A topless woman talks to him about his son. 0:40
"Caprichio" by Trio Los Reyes
Plays in the chicken place. 0:55
"This Mess" by Wolf and Cub
Hank asks about his son and friend in another strip club. The manager explains that they were thrown out. 1:07
"Till I Get It Right" by Tammy Wynette
Hank drinks coffee in the cafe. Det. Sanders (Charlize Theron) tells him her son wants a slingshot now. 1:48
"Lost" by Annie Lennox
Hank hangs a new American flag upside down on the flagpole. Continues into end credits. 1:52
"Roc Like This" by Stratjic
2nd song in end credits after an instrumental piece. 1:59

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