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"Guaranteed" by Eddie Vedder
Chris rides a train to Fairbanks and tries to hitchhike. We read extracts of his letters. 0:01
"Long Nights" by Eddie Vedder
Opening credits. Christopher walks through the snow. He hangs a wooly hat onto a branch next to the river then crosses to the other side. He hunts and cooks a meal on the fire. 0:05
"Emory and Old St. Andrews March" by The Atlanta Pipe Band
Christopher's graduation. 0:13
"Hard Sun" by Eddie Vedder & Corin Tucker
Chapter 1. Christopher drives his car as he narrates. The sun sets as he sleeps in his car. 0:21
"Goin' Up the Country" by Canned Heat
Chris writes his new name in lipstick on a mirror and starts to hitchhike. His sister narrates, describing how he got all A's in his exams and that when his parents went to visit him he had disappeared. 0:24
"Rise" by Eddie Vedder
Chapter 2. Chris hitchhikes and walks in the sunlight. He talks to an apple. He shaves under a sprinkler system. His sister narrates and explains the police found his car. 0:38
"I Thought I Was You" by Kelly Peterson
Plays in the bar as Chris asks Wayne for a library/bookstore and he points him to his friend for advice on hunting. Chris tells him about Alaska and the barmaid comments on Wayne's advice. 0:45
"U Can't Touch This" by M.C. Hammer
Plays on a ghetto blaster at the side of the river owned by a couple from Denmark. Chris stops his boat to hang with them for a while. 0:57
"Swimming & Horses" by Michael Brook
Chris jumps off a cliff into the water, he emerges smiling. He watches horses and runs with them. We see extracts of his writing. Instrumental. 1:05
"King of the Road" by Roger Miller
Chris rides on the train. 1:08
"Society" by Eddie Vedder & Jerry Hannan
Magic Bus - Week 7. Chris hunts and cooks animals. He writes in his journal. He starts to build a dam and creates a makeshift shower. 1:16
"The Wolf" by Eddie Vedder
Chris climbs a mountain, takes in the view, sticks his arms out and looks to the sky. We see Chris running through the grass and taking a shower with hot water. He walks through the city and works in Burger King. 1:20
"Slab Song" by Everett 'Insane Wayne' Smith
Some guy plays guitar and sings on stage in Slab City. Chris talks to Jan and Rainey about Alaska. 1:30
"Tracy's Song" by Kristen Stewart
Tracy sings and plays her guitar on stage as Chris watches with Jan and Rainey. 1:31
"Angel from Montgomery" by Kristen Stewart & Emile Hirsch
Tracy and Chris perform live on stage as Jan, Rainey and others watch. 1:41
"Doing the Wrong Thing" by Kaki King
Chris says goodbye to Rainey and drives off in the van with Jan. Tracy cries. They drive alongside a train then Chris says goodbye to Jan. Instrumental. 1:43
"No Ceiling" by Eddie Vedder
Chris shakes his head under the shower in slow motion. He packs his bag on the bus and sets off. He sees owls in the trees and calls to them. 1:47
"Porterville" by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Plays at the Oh My God hot springs as Chris and Ron drive past in the jeep. 1:52
"Guaranteed" by Eddie Vedder
Chris learns from Ron. Fireworks light the sky. 1:58
"Hard Sun" by Eddie Vedder & Corin Tucker
As Chris dies the camera pans out from the bus into the sky. Continues slightly into the end credits. 2:21
"Guaranteed" by Eddie Vedder
After "Hard Sun" ends in the end credits. 2:23

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Hey im looking for the song that plays after long nights and before the marching band song, its when hes carving the piece of wood and watching the wild animals, you dont seem to have listed it.

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