L.A. Confidential

Music from L.A. Confidential the movie

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"Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive" by Johnny Mercer
Opening scenes. Sid Hudgens narrates as we see shots of Los Angeles. 0:00
"Oh! Look At Me Now" by Lee Wiley
We're introduced to Sgt. Jack Vincennes as he dances with a girl. He explains he's a technical advisor. Sid Hudgens enters and talks to Vincennes. 0:04
"Mele Kalikimaka" by Bing Crosby
Bud White buys drinks in the liquor store and meets Lynn Bracken. 0:08
"The Christmas Blues" by Dean Martin
Jack Vincennes looks at a business card for Fleur de Lis. Sid Hudgens reads a story out loud. 0:11
"Look For The Silver Lining" by Chet Baker
Bud White meets Captain Dudley Smith in a bar. Dudley gives him back his gun and badge. Dudley tells him about a new assignment. 0:21
"Hit The Road To Dreamland" by Betty Hutton
After 2 gangsters are shot dead in their car we see the photographs and the newspaper articles about it. 2 more guys are shot through a window and the killers take the drugs. Dudley and his men rough up a criminal from out of town. 0:23
"Wheel of Fortune" by Kay Starr
'Ed' Exley returns to the police station from shooting the bad guys dead to congratulations from the other officers. He is given a medal. Jack Vincennes arrives back on set. Bud sits outside Lynn's house in a car in the rain. A politician sees some compromising photos and changes his vote. Dudley and his men beat up more criminals. 0:59
"Powder Your Face With Sunshine" by Dean Martin
Jack sits in a bar alone and stares at a 50 dollar bill. 1:09
"How Important Can It Be" by Joni James
Jack finds a body in a motel room. 1:10
"Looking At You" by Lee Wiley
Jack and Exley arrive at a bar and approach a couple. Exley ends up with a drink thrown in his face. 1:26
"Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive" by Johnny Mercer
End credits. 2:07

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