The Last King of Scotland

Music from The Last King of Scotland the movie

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"Nakawunde" by Percussion Discussion Afrika
Opening credits. Nicholas rides a bus in Uganda. He asks a woman about the soldiers and gets told there is a coup. He gets acquainted with a girl he's met. Title screen. Nicholas' bus arrives. 0:03
"Toko" by Momo Wandel
The doctors treat some villagers. Nicholas loses a patient. 0:08
"Fever" by Jingo
Nicholas rides in the President's car. They arrive at the Presidential compound. 0:22
"The Bonnie Banks O' Loch Lomond" by The Nyonza Singers
In the President's compound the choir sing in the garden. Nicholas and Idi watch (among others). Nicholas stares at Kay. 0:45
"Me and Bobby McGee" by Angela Kalule
The singer sings live in the bar. Nicholas drinks and smokes at the bar. Nicholas watches 2 men talk at a table and they catch his eye. 0:54
"Save Me" by E.T. Mensah & The Tempos Band
Nicholas by the swimming pool. He talks to Kay about her son. Stone tells Nicholas that Idi has gone missing. 0:57
"Kasongo" by Afrigo Band
The band perform live at the party at night. Idi introduces Nicholas to Betty and Joy. Idi climbs on a horse. 1:06
"Bukom Mashie" by Oscar Sully & The Uhuru Dance Band
2nd song at the party. People having fun in the pool. Nicholas drinks at the bar and thinks. 1:08
"Love Is You" by Ofo The Black Company
3rd song at the party. Nicholas tells Kay he shouldn't be here and they leave the party area to make love. 1:09
"Acholi Pot Song" by The Ndere Dance Troupe
Shots of the real Idi Amin. 1st song in end credits. 1:51
"Voice of the Forgotten" by Kawesa
2nd song in end credits. 1:56

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