Law Abiding Citizen

Music from Law Abiding Citizen the movie

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"Mr. Tambourine Man" by The Studio Sound Ensemble
Originally by Bob Dylan. Clyde (Gerard Butler) works as his daughter makes a necklace. They get a knock at the door. 0:00
"Bloodline" by Slayer
Darby's ringtone when he gets a call on his mobile phone as he sits in his apartment. 0:21
"Bloodline" by Slayer
He gets another call when he's on the roof. 0:22
"Bloodline" by Slayer
He gets another call when he has a gun pointed at the cop. 0:24
"Eminence Front" by The Who
Plays on the iPod speakers as Clyde eats his meal in his cell. He asks his cellmate to join him. 0:53
"Engine Number 9" by Deftones
Clyde gets his cellmate to change the track and as soon as he does Clyde stabs him in the neck with a blade. Guards rush towards his cell. 0:56
"Sin's a Good Man's Brother" by Grand Funk Railroad
End credits. 1:50

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