Let the Right One In

Music from Let the Right One In the movie

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"Kvar i min bil" by Per Gessle
Oskar cuts out newspaper articles and sticks them in his scrapbook. 0:16
"Försonade" by Agnetha Fältskog
Eli puts a tape on in the basement. Oskar cuts his hand and wants to mix his blood with Eli. 1:05
"Dags å välja sida" by Peps Blodsband
Oskar hangs out with his dad. 1:13
"Kvar i min bil" by Per Gessle
Oskar puts on the record as Eli showers and changes. Oskar spies on her. 1:29
"Flash in the Night" by Secret Service
Plays on the radio by the pool in the final scenes until it's kicked into the water. 1:43

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