Music from L.I.E. / Long Island Expressway the movie

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"Lungo Fillaccio" by R. Cardinali
Guys eat pizza and talk about sex. 0:02
"Pterodactyl Ptales" by Tom "Wolf" Morrell
Big John eats cake with his friends and relatives as Howie and friends are robbing downstairs. 0:10
"Hurdy Gurdy Man" by Donovan
Howie and Gary walk along the road as Big John rides in his car looking for the burglars. 0:16
"Tune In-Turn On-Drop Dead" by Psycore
The guys run run a house they've just robbed. They walk down the highway and trade insults. 0:25
"My Sh*t is Digital" by Dove
The guys stand out the back of a store reading a magazine. Howie asks where Gary is. Rap music. 0:43
"Danny Boy" by Brian Cox
Big John sings as he sits at the piano. 1:17
"Harrigan Song" by Brian Cox
Big John sings as he drives his car. He turns the music over. 1:24
"Lascia ch'io Pianga" by George Frideric Handel performed by The Vienna Boys' Choir
This is the song Big John turns the music to in the car. Later Big John gets shot in his car. 1:24

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