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"The Good Life" by Bobby Darin
Opening credits. Opening scenes. 0:00
"This Town" by Frank Sinatra
Roy takes a gun from the dog as a record plays. He disposes of his tuna can. 0:09
"Summer Wind" by Frank Sinatra
Roy calls the operator and asks for Sarah Fenton. He smokes cigarettes whilst sitting on the bed and tries to make a call. 0:19
"See You Again" by Paige
Angela eats a sandwich in a cafe as Roy stares. 0:26
"Cowboy" by Kid Rock
2nd song in the strip club. Frank and Roy eye Chuck. Frank introduces Chuck to Roy. 0:35
"Beyond the Sea" by Bobby Darin
Roy cooks as Angela watches. Angela grabs a beer. 0:42
"Che Soave Zeffiretto" from "The Marriage of Figaro" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Roy and Angela start to eat spaghetti but it has no sauce.. 0:43
"The Best Thing" by Paige
Angela eats pizza while Roy watches. 0:43
"Leaning on a Lamp Post" by George Formby
Roy sits in his car waiting for Angela. She knocks on the window. 1:02
"More Than This" by Roxy Music
Angela and Roy bowling. 1:03
"How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)" by Marvin Gaye
Roy turns up the radio loud so Angela can't hear him arguing with Frank. 1:13
"3 Sheets to the Wind (What's My Name)" by Kid Rock
Angela changes the radio station and watches Roy and Frank arguing. 1:14
"Danke Schoen" by Wayne Newton
Roy mixes a drink for him and Frank at home. 1:25
"Summer Wind" by Frank Sinatra
Roy arrives home to his wife. Continues into end credits. 1:47

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Plesase can you tellme where can buy the cd of of above as all
the other cd of this film track do not contain them

t/y AL
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