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"Sound and Light" by John Gold
Sam (Rory Culkin) talks to his brother Rocky (Trevor Morgan) in their bedroom about the bully. Rocky lights a cigarette and tells Sam the police won't do anything. 0:02
"Our Love Is Beautiful" by Ethan Gold
Waterfall. Rocky, Clyde (Ryan Kelley) and Marty (Scott Mechlowicz) smoke and talk in the car about the plan. Clyde leaves the car after Marty insults him. 0:07
"Mental" by Eels
Rocky invites George (Josh Peck) to the boating trip for Sam's birthday. He agrees. 0:10
"On Edge (Bunker Version)" by Ethan Gold
Marty picks up Sam and Millie up in the car for the trip. 0:14
"Fear Not of Man" by Mos Def
George gets ready in his bedroom. He records with his video camera, records his mother working out and records outside. The guys arrive in the car. 0:14
"The Sound of Settling" by Death Cab for Cutie
Pays in the car as George rushes downstairs. George gets in the car and gives Sam his present. George records Millie in the car on his camera. 0:16
"Pot Kettle Black" by Wilco
2nd song in the car. George tells Marty his mother must be stupid. They pull into a store. 0:18
"Tremble" by Five Point Plan
Plays in the store as Marty sees his brother and buys some cigarettes. 0:19
"Poison" by Lost Goat
As Marty reverses he crashes into Jasper, his brother's friend. 0:21
"Still The One" by Orleans
Marty talks to his brother on the phone. The song plays in the bar. 1:07
"Novocaine for the Soul" by Eels
Marty gets out the car and knocks on Rocky and Sam's door. He goes inside. 1:12
"Butterfly Collector" by John Gold
Marty enters the bedroom to see all the guys. Rocky tells him that they've come to a decision and Marty gets angry. Marty leaves in the car with his brother. 1:13
"The Way We Get By" by Spoon
Marty leans on the back of his car with his brother. His brother gives him the gun. 1:16
"Fear Not of Man" by Mos Def
The police watch George's video in the police station. 1:20
"Angel On My Shoulder" by Gretchen Lieberum
End credits. 1:23

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