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"Gimme Some Sweetness" by Jason Gleed
Young Tucker and Eugene watch the girls playing and young Tucker talks about ass. Fast forward to 10 years later and Tuckers' doing the same thing. 0:02
"On the Run" by The DeeKompressors (Feat. Classic)
Eugene talks to Tucker on the phone before Prom and gets told t shave his cock. 0:09
"White Bitch" by Horsedick.mpeg
Eugene rides in the limo with Horsedick.mpeg to pick up Cindi. 0:10
"Pick It Up" by The DeeKompressors (Feat. LP)
Everyone in the limo. Outside prom. Back in the limo to someones house for the party. 0:13
"Get Away From You" by The DeeKompressors (Feat. The Bonars)
1st song at the post prom party. Cindi goes to get the keys to the bedroom. 0:13
"Drop It (remix)" by The DeeKompressors (Feat. Basko)
Eugene does shots with Tucker to help get rid of the nervousness before having sex. 0:15
"4 Seasons - Spring - Violin Concerto in E, Op8 no. 1 - 1st MOV.ALLEGRO" by Antonio Vivaldi performed by The Roman String Ensemble
Tucker and Candace eat at a fancy restaurant. 0:20
"I Touch Myself" by Alana D
Candace dances on the stripper pole as Tucker watches. She bites him. 0:29
"Xtra Ztra" by The DeeKompressors (Feat. Miss Eighty 6)
Plays in the car after the guys evade the firemen. 0:33
"White Girl" by Horsedick.mpeg
Horsedick.mpeg comes on the radio and Tucker explains to Eugene that Horsedick blew up and this is his radio friendly song. 0:34
"Champagne Campaign" by The DeeKompressors (Feat. Classic)
Plays after Horsedick on the radio as Eugene realises Horsedick can get them into the Playboy mansion. 0:34
"You Left Me At The Right Time" by Rusty Knuckles
Plays in the gas station as Tucker calls Candace on the phone. 0:39
"What You Talkin' Bout" by The DeeKompressors (Feat. Classic)
Plays in the car as Eugene tells Tucker he's going to get some sleep. He thanks him and they almost crash. 0:39
"Wild Child" by Rusty Knuckles
Eugene wakes up in the car to see Tucker asleep at the wheel. 0:41
"From NY To LA" by The DeeKompressors (Feat. King Juju)
Tucker and Eugene argue about money at the toll booth in the car. 0:45
"Suck My Dick" by Horsedick.mpeg
After they argue a very short clip of the song plays in the car. 0:46
"Suck My Dick" by Horsedick.mpeg
Horsedick.mpeg records his music video for the song in Chicago. Tucker and Eugene watch from behind the camera. 0:47
"Hit Em With A One" by King Juju
Song plays on Horsedick's tour bus until he shouts to turn it off when he hears Eugene is still a virgin. 0:49
"I Like Dem Girls" by The DeeKompressors (Feat. Sizzle C)
Plays on Horsedick's tour bus as he offers Eugene a smoke. 0:50
"Bounce That" by The DeeKompressors (Feat. Classic)
On the tour bus, Tucker in the bedroom with a girl. Later she gets thrown out the window. 0:51
"Art Of War" by The DeeKompressors (Feat. SWJ)
On the tour bus Eugene talks to Horsedick. Later Horsedick shouts at the bus driver. 0:52
"Middle Of The Streets" by The DeeKompressors (Feat. Classic)
As Horsedick talks to Eugene Tucker comes out the room and gets into bed. 0:53
"Sunshine" by PMG
2 lesbians pull up in the car and offer Tucker and Eugene a lift if they will drive. 0:57
"Mad 4 U" by Alana D
Candace shows a picture of Tucker to a waitress then gets a call from her brother. 0:59
"Gimme Some Sweetness" by Jason Gleed
The guys arrive in LA with the lesbians. 0:59
"Take Em Off" by Rebecca Jones (Feat. Alana D)
The guys pull up outside the Playboy mansion. 1:00
"Give It To Me" by The DeeKompressors (Feat. Classic)
The guys enter the Playboy mansion. 1:02
"Call Me Thumper" by The DeeKompressors (Feat. Classic)
2nd song at the Playboy mansion. Tucker tries to talk to girls but strikes out. 1:03
"Just The Tip" by The DeeKompressors (Feat. Becca Styles)
3rd song at the mansion. Tucker tries to talk to a girl in pink but she leaves. He talks to a 'milf' then sees a girl with a little dog and talks to her. He meets a girl in green who loves the dog. 1:04
"Control" by The DeeKompressors (Feat. LP)
From a balcony Eugene sees Horsedick in the mansion talking to his friends about him. 1:08
"Dirty Lil Freak" by The DeeKompressors (Feat. Alana D)
Tucker tries to get Puddles the dog to pee in the glass but it won't. Eugene asks a waitress about Cindi but she can't help. 1:09
"How We Doin' It" by The DeeKompressors (Feat. Classic and Devante)
Eugene asks a bouncer about Cindi and insists he's not a stalker. Candace appears next to Tucker next to the grotto. 1:10
"Spring Heeled Jack" by West 128
Closing scenes. Tucker and Eugene talk in the kitchen. Eugene does shots before leaving to have sex with Cindi. 1:27
"Gimme Some Sweetness" by Jason Gleed
1st song in end credits. 1:29
"Art Of War" by The DeeKompressors (Feat. SWJ)
2nd song in end credits. 1:30

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