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"Round The Corner From Lonely" by WAINWRIGHT
Opening scenes. Rick gets ready for work and leaves his apartment. 0:00
"Don't Give Up On Me" by Andy Marlow
Rick loads the crate into the truck and drives to Michelle's apartment in Savannah, Georgia. 0:10
"As Long As You Don't Want It" by John Powers
Rick enters Michelle's apartment and meets her for the first time. 0:10
"Busy" by St. James inc.
Rick and Michelle on the road. Rick explains that he has to get back to sit his bar exam. 0:14
"Hit The Road" by Craig Stull
Rick and Michelle stop at the gas station. Rick ends up buying a mug. 0:15
"All Sewn Up" by Lucero
Back on the road. Michelle drinks from her mug and Rick asks her why she's going to Los Angeles. Michelle tells him she needs the bathroom and starts to go in the mug. Rick stops the truck. 0:17
"Currently" by Keaton Simons
Back on the road after throwing up in the hot tub. Michelle puts pills in Rick's energy drink. 0:24
"I Called Out Your Name" by Pat Hodges
Orlie washes himself in the bathroom as Rick uses the toilet. Orlie asks Rick to help him with a spot. 0:37
"She Changes Like The Weather" by Nic Armstrong & The Thieves
Back on the road driving by the sea. Michelle asks if they can stop but Rick refuses. 0:41
"Joy, Peace, And Love" by Studio Musicians
They stop outside a bar in Genoa, Colorado. The song plays on Orlie's headphones. 0:59
"Wild Ride" by Rick Bowers
Rick talks to Carl on the phone from the bar. 0:59
"World To Bring Me Down" by WAINWRIGHT
Rick dances with Michelle in the bar. 1:00
"Joy, Peace, And Love" by Studio Musicians
Orlie listening to his headphones in the truck. He gets hit in the head after a knock at the door. 1:01
"World To Bring Me Down" by WAINWRIGHT
Rick and Michelle leave the bar. 1:02
"Everything" by Joanne Redding
Driving in the car on the way to The Lady. 1:03
"Nocturne in C# m 'Lento con gran expressione',Br.49" by Frederic
The Lady plays piano as Rick, Michelle and Orlie enter. 1:05
"Champion" by Amy Ward
Orlie and Rick make their way into the cage. 1:07
"We Are Not Swans" by The Format
Rick leaves the truck and leaves Michelle sleeping inside. He gets in the cab and set off for the airport. His bag is searched and after seeing the photos he runs out the airport. He runs down the beach to catch up with Michelle. They kiss. 1:18
"Can't Believe My Eyes" by WAINWRIGHT
End credits. 1:22

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