My Best Friend's Girl

Music from My Best Friend's Girl the movie

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"Do Me" by Jean Knight
Opening scenes. Tank (Dane Cook) ends a date with a girl at her front door. She seems angry with him. 0:00
"Pop That Pussy" by 2 Live Crew
Tank explains to his date that is stereo is broken in his car and this is the song that plays loudly. 0:03
"You're No Good" by Linda Ronstadt
After getting paid Tank walks through the bar in slow motion. Girls stare and guys toast him. 0:05
"My Best Friend's Girl" by The Cars
Alexis (Kate Hudson) flirts with a co-worker and Dustin gives Tank the go-ahead. Tank jogs in the park to meet Alexis as Dustin watches. Tank pretends to fall down. 0:17
"Pop That Pussy" by 2 Live Crew
Tank explains to Alexis that his car stereo is broken but instead of getting annoyed she sings along. 0:22
"Rockit To The Stars" by Lady Diamond and R.G. Tilthouse
1st song at the strip club with Alexis and Tank. 0:22
"The Bubble Club" by Michael Sean O'Neal
2nd song at strip club. Alexis laughs and goes to the bathroom. 0:24
"Hot Rod" by Mark Weigle
3rd song at the strip club. Tank gets a dance and Alexis tells him they're leaving. 0:25
"Don't Do Me Like That" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Dustin tries to be Alexis' best friend. Bringing coffee and doughnuts, Tank keeps meeting her for sex. 0:36
"Blue" by Malbec
Dustin shouts outside Alexis' apartment in the rain. 0:44
"Separate Ways" by Teddy Thompson
Tank stands outside the apartment as Dustin watches. He sleeps in his car. 0:53
"Hallelujah Chorus" by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Tank and his date in the religious themed restaurant. 0:55
"Always Where I Need to Be" by The Kooks
1st song at the prom Tank takes Alexis to. 1:00
"99 Luftballons" by Nena
2nd song at the prom. Tank dances and gets Alexis onto the dancefloor. They dance together. 1:01
"Mercy" by Duffy
3rd song at the prom. Tank talks to a forlorn guy and tells him that he could get any girl. They argue and the guy calls him a hypocrite. 1:03
"Crimson and Clover" by Tommy James and The Shondells
4th song at the prom. Tank and Alexis slow dance. Alexis decides she will call Dustin. 1:04
"The Man Comes Around" by Johnny Cash
Tank walks down the aisle in slow motion cigarette in mouth. 1:11
"At Last" by Etta James
Tank interrupts the bride and groom's first dance together. 1:14
"Have a Little Faith in Me" by John Hiatt
After the wedding. Dustin listens to a voicemail from Tank as he drives. 1:20
"Love Is Like Oxygen" by Sweet
Tank jogs with Alexis and apologises to himself. 1:24
"You're No Good" by Linda Ronstadt
Alexis throws red wine in Tank's face as he's on a date. 1:28
"My Best Friend's Girl" by The Cars
Alexis and Tank kiss. Continues into end credits slightly. 1:30
"Do Me" by Jean Knight
End credits. Dustin gets advice from Tank's father. 1:31

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