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"Speed of Sound" by Chris Bell
Opening scenes. Nick (Michael Cera) leaves a message for Tris (Alexis Dziena) on her answer phone. 0:00
"Lover" by Devendra Banhart
Opening credits. Title screen. Norah (Kat Dennings) listens to her iPod in school as she opens her locker. Tris throws Nick's mix CD into the bin and Norah retrieves it. At home, Nick finishes up a new mix CD as his friends arrive in the van. 0:02
"William Tell Overture" by Albert Fox
Horn on the van as Dev and Thom pull up outside Nick's house. 0:04
"Screw the Man" by The Jerk Offs
Nick and his band perform live on stage watched by Norah and Tris. 0:08
"Twilight" by The Raveonettes
Nick steps down off stage as Norah and Caroline talk about him. Nick asks some guy his name after Dev asks him to. 0:10
"You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me" by Dusty Springfield
At the bar Nick dreams of giving Tris an anniversary present. 0:11
"Xavia" by The Submarines
Norah talks to Tris and her new friend Gary. Norah tells her that she came with her boyfriend and walks over to Nick at the bar. They kiss. 0:12
"Middle Management" by Bishop Allen
The band introduces themselves and starts to play as Nick and Norah help Caroline out of the gig. Tris asks Nick for a lift home but gets told by Norah that there's no room. 0:15
"Fever" by Takka Takka
Norah puts in the CD in Nick's car and asks him if his friends are gay. He explains that if anyone is going to get raped in the van it'll be a guy. 0:22
"Our Swords" by Band of Horses
Plays in the car as Nick and Norah take 2 passengers to the ballroom. They talk about colleges. 0:24
"Go Deep" by Silas Hite and Mark Mothersbaugh
Plays in the van as Norah calls Caroline. The guys talk about band names as Caroline listens. Caroline runs from the van screaming when they stop. 0:26
"Boys Don’t Cry" by The Cure
Nick's ringtone as Thom calls to tell him Caroline is missing. 0:30
"All the Wine" by The National
Nick tells Norah that the guys lost Caroline. The van picks Nick and Norah up for the search party. They shout for Caroline from the van. 0:31
"Insistor" by Tapes N’ Tapes
Plays in the van as Dev and Thom argue. Thom slams the brakes on as Norah mentions Where's Fluffy. 0:32
"Just the Way You Are" by Billy Joel
Caroline talks to some guy in the train station. She asks him if she can have some of his turkey sandwich. 0:34
"Wannabe" by Spice Girls
A cleaner in the toilets plays the song on her radio as Caroline is trying to talk to Norah on the phone. Later, Caroline eats the gum she found in the toilet. 0:37
"After Hours" by We Are Scientists
The gang head for Brooklyn assuming that Caroline is already there. They pull up outside a club. 0:38
"Kennedy" by Ratatat
Norah gets them into the club without queueing and Nick asks her if she's on youtube or something. Instrumental. 0:39
"Lover" by Devendra Banhart
Nick and Norah do a hand dance in the club. Nick shows her the blow dryer and they get a dance-wich from Dev and Lethario. Tal (Jay Baruchel) arrives and kisses Norah. 0:39
"Negative" by Project Jenny, Project Jan
As the crowd think Where's Fluffy? are playing, another band called Are You Randy" start to perform. Everyone starts to leave. 0:43
"Very Loud" by Shout Out Louds
Tris follows the van in a taxi. Nick asks Norah about Tal. 0:44
"Slight of Hand" by Army Navy
Norah leaves Tris in the store and goes back to the van. Tris tells the taxi driver to look for a Yugo. Nick goes to check out the church. Norah talks to the guys in the van about Tris. 0:49
"Trust Your Stomach" by Marching Band
Dev realises where Caroline is. Midnight Ass. Brief clip. 0:51
"12 Gays of Christmas" by John Cantwell
I'm sure you can guess what scene this was in. No? The gay guys doing cabaret on stage in Christmas outfits? I give up. 0:51
"Sonido Total" by The Pinker Tones
Nick goes up on stage to get Caroline from the Christmas tree. Tris asks the taxi to stop and tells Gary that she'll text him. 0:52
"Screw the Man" by The Jerk Offs
Plays in the van as Norah compliments the bass on the track. Nick gives her a handy wipe. 0:53
"Baby You’re My Light" by Richard Hawley
The guys drop Nick off at his Yugo and he finds Tris sitting on the hood. Tris asks him for a lift home and he reluctantly agrees. Norah calls Tal from the van and gets out outside a club to meet him. 0:55
"Karate" by Kennedy
Plays in the club when Norah meets Tal. Tal asks about her jacket. Later, Tal gives her a CD as a present. 0:58
"Little Motel" by Modest Mouse
Tris rubs Nick's face with her foot then pulls off the headrest in his car. She tells him to pull over. 0:59
"You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate
Plays on the radio in Nick's car. Tris gets out and dances in front of the car. Nick drives off and wipes off her lipstick from the windscreen. 1:02
"Boys Don’t Cry" by The Cure
Nick's ringtone on his mobile as he calls from a pay-phone and Norah answers. 1:05
"Silvery Sleds" by Army Navy
Norah drives Nick's car and browses his iPod. She pulls into the side of the road and Nick jokes about her parking skills. She crashes. 1:08
"Riot Radio" by The Dead 60s
The guys in the van get a clue on the radio for the location of the Where's Fluffy? gig. Caroline helps them out. 1:11
"How to Say Goodbye" by Paul Tiernan
Nick and Norah kiss in the recording studio. Nick tells her she's beautiful as she says she can't compete with Tris. 1:16
"Last Words" by The Real Tuesday Weld
Nick argues with Tal on the rooftop and pushes him. Where's Fluffy? come out on stage. Norah and Nick hold hands and leave. They talk on the escalator at the station and kiss as they go down. 1:20
"Ottoman" by Vampire Weekend
1st song in end credits. 1:24
"Electro Socket Blues" by Rogue Wave
2nd song in end credits. 1:27

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