Night at the Museum

Music from Night at the Museum the movie

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"Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor
Sung by Larry through the PA system on his first night shift. 0:19
"Ezekiel Saw Them Dry Bones"
Larry whistles this tune as he walks past the T-Rex exhibit. 0:20
"Mandy" by Leetown
Music played in the elevator as Larry narrowly escapes Attila the Hun. /25/
"Camptown Races" by Stephen Foster
Sang by the people in the Western display. 0:32
"Weapon of Choice" by Fatboy Slim (Feat. Bootsy Collins)
Larry pulls a bone from the T-Rex and ties it to a remote control car. T-Rex chases it. Larry gives a lighter to the neanderthals. Larry pulls the partition in front of the Mayans. 0:50
"September" by Earth Wind & Fire
Larry with his son at career day. Larry walks through the mueseum and oversees the party. Everyone enjoying the party. Larry puts his torch away. 1:42
"Tonight" by Keke Palmer (Feat. Cham)
1st song of end credits. 1:44
"Friday Night" by McFly
2nd song in end credits (only in certain regions). 1:45

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