Night Watch: Nochnoi Dozor

Music from Night Watch: Nochnoi Dozor the movie

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"Na teplokhode muzyka igraet" ("On The Motorboat, Music Is Playing") by Olga Zarubina
Anton's wife on the boat. The old woman starts to recite an incantation to abort the fetus, and Anton's wife collapses and clutches at her womb. 0:07
"A ya vse letala" ("And I Was Always Flying") by Blestyashchie with Zhanna Friske
Concert scene. 0:38
"Nochnoy dozor (Finalnyy rep)" ("Night Watch (The Final Rap)") by Uma2urman
1st song in end credits. Russian release. 1:43
"Shatter" by Feeder
1st song in end credits. Western releases. 1:43
"Tender" by Feeder
2nd song in end credits. Western releases. 1:46

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what is the heavy metal track playing in the background when Anton is fighting the vampire alone?
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Krishanu Banerjee at 08:32PM, 9th Aug 2010

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