Oceans 13

Music from Oceans 13 the movie

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"Don't You Want Me" by Human League
Rusty's ringtone when he gets a call after walking through the toy shop. 0:11
"Not Their Fight" by David Holmes
Rusty gets on a jet at the airport and sits opposite Danny. 0:02
"Suite Bergamasque, Clair de Lune, No. 3" by Claude Debussy
Danny and Rusty talk about Reuban whilst standing in front of the Bellagio. Reuban lies in bed and picks up one of the envelopes left for him. 0:53
"This Town" by Frank Sinatra
Fireworks watched by the gang after the theft. 1:46
"Soul Town" by The Motherhood
End credits. 1:52

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