Off the Black

Music from Off the Black the movie

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"Love You" by Syd Barrett
Title screen. Ray drives home (Nick Nolte) and showers. He has a BBQ alone. 0:02
"Ain't That Good" by Eddie Floyd and Mavis Staples
In the car Ray tells Dave (Trevor Morgan) that they have to make a quick stop before the reunion. 0:55
"Kings And Queens" by Loudon Wainwright III
After visiting Ray's father, Ray and Dave head for the reunion. 0:59
"Monkey Time Shine" by L. Hollis and the Mackadoos
1st song at the reunion. Ray and Dave arrive as people are dancing. Ray hugs an old friend and an old girlfriend hugs Ray. Instrumental. 1:00
"All Come To Meet Her" by Skip Spence
2nd song at the reunion. Ray slow dances with his old girlfriend as his old friends talk to Dave about him. 1:02
"How Long" by Mary Jane Hooper
3rd song at the reunion. Dave talks about his 'dad'. 1:03
"Your Replacement Is Here" by Ed Henry
4th song at the reunion. Dave tells a guy in the toilet about Ray's life. 1:05
"A Part Of Being With You" by The Professionals
5th song at the reunion. Dave learns that Roy has an actual son after talking to one of his old friends. 1:06
"Be Still My Baby" by Gary Louris
On the drive back. 1:08
"If I Needed You" by Townes van Zandt
End credits. 1:25

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