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"Black Tears" by Miss Derringer
Wes compliments Chantel that she writes great lyrics. She tells him she doesn't want to sing. They argue. 0:08
"Better Run Away From Me" by Miss Derringer
A guy complains the girl in the booth didn't say anything and storms out. Jiz enters talks to Paulie and goes down into the booths. 0:27
"Pennies On His Eyes" by Miss Derringer
Melody and Courtney talk about what Mr. Garrett did to Melody with 2 guys. Jiz talks to Balery about the guy that sexually assaulted him when he was a child. 1:14
"Starting Line" by The Crystal Method
Climax scenes. People shot, injured, all moving toward ambulance etc. Instrumental. 1:32
"The Waiter #4" by The Black Heart Procession
Black end credits. 1:38

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