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"Story of My Life" by Social Distortion
Shaun (Colin Hanks) explaining that he and his buddies surf, play beach volleyball, party around the fire. Lonny dies. 0:00
"Story of My Life" by Social Distortion
Shaun's teacher tells him not to bother with safety schools. 0:04
"Shadow Stabbing" by Cake
Opening credits. 0:05
"Defy You" by The Offspring
Shaun and his friends arrive at school. Shaun explains that it's been a year since Lonny died. 0:08
"...Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears
Shaun's teacher asks a girl about getting Britney Spears as a graduation speaker. Brief clip. 0:10
"Let It Shine" by Brian Wilson
Tanya celebrates getting into Stanford in the classroom. 0:11
"On My Way" by 22 Jacks
After checking the mail's arrived Shaun races home from school. 0:12
"Glad That It's Over" by 12 Rods
Shaun goes back to school to see the College Counsellor about not getting into Stanford. 0:15
"Butterfly" by Crazy Town
Cheerleaders, led by Tanya, perform outside the school. Shaun limps outside and gets caught up in it. 0:17
"Butterfly" by Crazy Town
Ashley sings while listening to her music players and sitting on Shaun's car. 0:20
"Stick 'Em Up" by Quarashi
Shaun bursts into Lance's (Jack Black) room as he's hoovering looking for Bob's pain pills. 0:33
"Lay Down Burden" by Brian Wilson
Shaun goes outside and falls into the swimming pool. 0:35
"The One" by Foo Fighters
Lance drives Shaun and Ashley towards Stanford. 0:36
"The Light" by Common
Shaun and Ashley drive the Dean of Admissions to the University and he tries to kiss Shaun on the way. 0:47
"Defy You" by The Offspring
Shaun's dad's girlfriend pulls up outside in her Porsche Boxter. Shaun's dad talks to her in her bathrobe and takes the kid. The song plays on her radio. 0:53
"Lose You" by Pete Yorn
Shaun walks through Stanford and talks to a young girl reading a book. She invites him to a party. 0:54
"1st Time" by Bad Ronald
1st song at the party that Shaun goes to. 0:56
"Butterfly" by Crazy Town
2nd song at the party. The girls dance. 0:56
"Under the Tracks" by Creeper Lagoon
After his chat with Marcus Skinner Shaun runs back towards the party until he's stopped by Lance. 1:03
"Everything's Cool" by Lit
Shaun and Lance pull up outside the party and tell Ashley to get in the car. She refuses until Shaun apologises and tells her that he loves her. 1:05
"I've Got a Feeling" by Ivy
Shaun and Ashley sleep together in the back of the truck.
"The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World
Lance, Shaun and Ashley arrive back home and talk to Shaun's friends. 1:08
"Love and Mercy" by Brian Wilson
After learning that his parent's got into Stanford Shaun sits in his room and looks at his surfboard. He tells everyone that he doesn't need to go to Stanford to be a writer. 1:10
"Hello" by Sugarbomb
Shaun buries the book, grabs Lonny's surfboard and runs toward the sea with his friends chasing him. Continues into end credits. 1:13
"California" by Phantom Planet
2nd song in end credits. 1:15

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