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"Grindhouse (Main Titles)" by Robert Rodriguez
Opening credits. Cherry dances around the strip pole. 0:04
"Useless Talent #32" by Rose McGowan
In the dressing room backstage Cherry gets told she can't cry on stage. She tells her boss that she's quitting. She leaves the club and starts to walk home. 0:06
"You Belong to Me" by Rose McGowan
El Wray at the Bone Shack asks JT for some cigarettes and a cup of coffee. JT tells him he's been open 25 years. 0:18
"The Grindhouse Blues" by Robert Rodriguez
El Wray at the Bone Shack turns around to see Cherry sitting at a table. He goes over and talks to her, Cherry asks him for a ride. 0:18
"Hospital Epimedic" by Graeme Revell & Robert Rodriguez
El Wray walks through the hospital looking for Cherry killing zombies with his 2 knives on the way. 0:51
"Too Drunk to ****" by Nouvelle Vague
The rapist forces Cherry to dance at gunpoint. The song plays on a radio until Cherry shoots it. 1:23
"Melting Member" by Graeme Revell & Robert Rodriguez
Cherry stabs the rapist in the eye with her leg. He manages to get up but has trouble getting 'it' up. 1:25
"Cherry's Dance of Death" by Chingon
Cherry shoots herself over the wall and kills the soldiers. 1:32
"Two Against the World" by Rose McGowan
Cherry is airlifted up away from El Wray. Survivers head away from the city and through a desert area with Cherry on a horse. We meet Cherry and El Wray's baby. 1:37
"Cherry's Dance of Death" by Chingon
1st song in end credits. 1:39
"You Belong to Me" by Rose McGowan
2nd song in end credits. 1:44

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