Reno 911!: Miami

Music from Reno 911!: Miami the movie

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"Police And Thieves" by Sprechen Sie Deutsch
Introducing the characters and showing them working in Reno catching criminals. 0:03
"Miami (Corazones De La Calle)" by Craig Wedren, Garcia Afro and Rashida Jones
The gang ride the bus on the way to Miami. They arrive at the police convention. 0:08
"Pachelbel's Canon" by Johann Pachelbel
Classical music with various scenes outside the motel rooms. Deputy Jones witnesses everyone masturbating in their rooms. 0:14
"Bad Boys" by Inner Circle
Trudy and Raineesha sing the song as the watch the show cops in the police station. 0:41
"What You Lookin' At" by Donzelli
Travis and Jim attend a disturbance at the home of Suge Knight. 0:42
"Giddy Giddy Up (Filo & Peri Remix)" by Craig Wedren and Baby
After being ordered to get some rest the gang hit a club instead. 0:45
"Bleep" by Amy Miles and Baby
Trudy and Jim make love in the motel room. Except it's not really them. 0:47
"Police And Thieves" by Sprechen Sie Deutsch
End credits. Various clips. Checking the tattoos, alligator man, etc. Instrumental. 1:10
"Police And Thieves" by Sprechen Sie Deutsch
End credits. 1:14

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Whats the song that plays when the gang is chasing Spoder in the golf carts during the film's climax?
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Dalton Norris at 07:31AM, 24th Jun 2010

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