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Music from Repo Man the movie

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"Repo Man Theme Song" by Iggy Pop
Opening credits. 0:00
"Coup D'Etat" by Circle Jerks
Otto meets up with some kid as other punks are fighting with each other. /5/ 0:05
"Institutionalized" by Suicidal Tendencies
Otto lies on a bed at the party. His girlfriend tells him to get her beer and he goes downstairs. 0:06
"TV Party" by Black Flag
When he comes back up he finds her in bed with another guy. 0:07
"El Clavo y la Cruz" by The Plugz
Otto escapes in the white car and follows Bud to the repo office. 0:09
"Happy Animals" by Big Race
A bus pulls up at the stop and the people get on. Otto steps off and crosses the road. 0:15
"See See Rider" by Louis Armstrong
Bud and Otto ride in the car together and Bud gives him information on being a repo man. 0:18
"Rhumboogie" by The Andrews Sisters
Bud and Otto snort speed in the car and Bud talks about the 'code'. 0:19
"Pablo Picasso" by Burning Sensations
Otto rides in the car he's just took and watches a girl running down the street. He crashes into some rubbish and some old lady kicks off. He gives Layla a ride and they talk. 0:25
"When the Shit Hits the Fan" by Circle Jerks
Some punks enter a bar. Otto sits with Layla and another lady at a table. A band performs live. The punks see Otto and talk to him. The punks kiss the ladies hand. 0:53
"Let's Have a War" by Fear
Otto's friends sit in a car and talk, they get out and go into the store. 1:09
"Repo Man Theme Song" by Iggy Pop
End credits. 1:25

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