Rocky Balboa

Music from Rocky Balboa the movie

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"Take You Back" by Frank Stallone and Valentine
Opening credits. Shots of the city. 0:02
"Boy Looka Here" by Rich Boy
Dixon leaves his apartment and gets into his car. 0:10
"Somebody Told Me" by The Killers
Plays in the bar with Robert and his friends. A sports channel on the TV shows a virtual Rocky and Dixon. 0:26
"Get Up" by D Jon (Feat. Frank Stallone)
Dixon shoots hoops outside his apartment and his friend shouts at him to come in and watch the TV. 0:27
"Ooo Baby Baby" by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
Rocky drops off Marie and Steps at their home and apologises about the music. Rocky asks Marie if Steps would want a job and she asks why he's being so nice. He fixes the light on the porch and drives off. 0:29
"Gonna Fly Now" (Theme from "Rocky") by Bill Conti
Rocky trains for the fight; lifting weights, running, etc. 1:04
"High Hopes" by Frank Sinatra
Rocky's entrance to the fight. 1:12
"It's a Fight" by Three 6 Mafia
Dixon's entrance to the fight. 1:14
"Gonna Fly Now" (Theme from "Rocky") by Bill Conti
1st song in end credits. 1:32
"Rocky's Reward" by Bill Conti
Rocky standing on the steps. Continues into 2nd half of end credits. Instrumental. 1:35

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