Rush Hour 3

Music from Rush Hour 3 the movie

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"Do Me Baby" by Prince
Carter directs traffic while singing along with his iPod. 0:00
"Everybody Wants Me" by Alina Puscau
2 girls crash into another car next to Carter. The song plays on their radio. 0:01
"California Girls" by The Beach Boys
Lee's ringtone as Carter calls him when he is in the back of the car with the Ambassador. 0:02
"L'Amour Une Adventure" by Salaam Remi and Katia Cadet
Carter and Lee arrive at the Triad hidehout disguised as a casino/club. 0:29
"Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" by Elton John
Lee and Carter have a falling out and we see them both doing different things. Lee does primarily American things and Carter Chinese. 0:42
"California Girls" by The Beach Boys
The street entertainer entertains Carter in the cafe until he spots Geneviève from the club. 0:43
"Can Can" by The All Time Greats
A juggler performs on stage as Carter walks amongst the dancers backstage. 0:45
"Bonnie & Clyde" by Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot
The dancers perform on stage dressed in tuxedos. Carter joins in to tell Geneviève about the danger she's in. 0:48
"Closer I Get To You" by Luther Vandross
After the light focuses on Carter he starts singing. Lee joins in the performance by swinging onto the stage. 0:50
"La Vie En Rose" by Grace Jones
Carter and Geneviève kiss in bed. She leaves to get more comfortable and Carter calls room service. 0:55
"Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas
After Carter finishes with the white suited agressors he sings and dance until he sees Soo Yung through the window. 1:10
"War" by Edwin Starr
Closing scenes. Carter and Lee leave the scene dancing towards the Eiffel Tower. 1:17
"Less Than An Hour (Theme from Rush Hour 3)" by NaS and Cee-Lo
Last song in end credits. 1:21

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