Music from Scarface the movie

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"Vamos a Bailar" by Maria Conchita
The bus transports Tony and Manny to the camp. Manny walks through the camp and sings to himself. Tony plays basketball. 0:07
"Shake It Up" by Elizabeth Daily
Plays on the car radio as Manny flirts with a blonde in a bikini outside the motel. 0:23
"Rush Rush" by Debbie Harry
Plays in the Babylon Club as Manny dances with a blonde and Tony talks to Lopez and Elvira. 0:33
"She's on Fire" by Amy Holland
Tony dances with Elvira at the Babylon Club and asks her name and where she's from. 0:37
"Turn Out the Light" by Amy Holland
Tony and Manny enter the club and see Gina dancing with a man. Chief Detective Mel Bernstein talks to Tony. Tony tells Manny to keep an eye on Gina. Tony talks to Elvira and then argues with Lopez. 1:14
"I'm Hot Tonight" by Elizabeth Daily
Tony sees Gina leaving with a man and chases after them. 1:20
"Strangers in the Night" by Frank Sinatra
Octavio performs on stage as Tony sits alone. 1:25
"Dance Dance Dance" by Beth Andersen
Octavio continues to perform and Tony continues to sit alone. Some guys look suspicious concealing guns underneath napkins. 1:26
"Scarface (Push It to the Limit)" by Paul Engemann
Counting money. Various scenes showing how successful Tony and his gang are getting. Delivering money to the bank. Gina opens new beauty parlour. 1:39

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