School for Scoundrels

Music from School for Scoundrels the movie

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"Lovely Day" by Bill Withers
Roger gets out of bed, gets showered, eats breakfast and sets out for work in his parking enforcement vehicle. 0:00
"Blue Orchid" by The White Stripes
Roger gets his head pushed into the toilet by Zack. The other classmates get their messages to initiate confrontations and do so. 0:24
"No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Alice Cooper
Eli sings karaoke in the bar after the paintball fight. Dr. P talks to Roger on his own. 0:32
"Tivoli-Rutsch-Walzer, Op. 39" by Johann Strauss
Eli shares a drink on stage with Lesher dressed as a woman. 0:38
"Set Me Free" by The Kinks
Roger rescues the lobsters from the tank in the restaurant. He leaves with Amanda in a taxi and Roger sets them free into the river. 0:41
"Where the Hood At" by DMX
Roger pulls up at a basketball match where the guys that robbed him earlier are. He bursts the ball with a knife. 0:45
"Sleep to Dream" by Fiona Apple
Roger knocks on Amanda's door but Becky answers the door instead. Roger tries to find out where she is and Becky makes him give her the flowers and tickets. 0:50
"Get Free" by The Vines
Roger starts his campaign against Dr. P and pages the other classmates for a meeting. 1:13
"Dimension" by Wolfmother
Closing scenes. Roger leaves the museum. Lonnie deals with Lesher. We find out what the other classmates got up to. Roger and Amanda relax in Miami as Roger dives into the pool. End credits. 1:35

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How about main theme? That sounds at the airport, when Roger chasing for Amanda.
Did anyone know what it is?
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mir4a at 09:29PM, 14th Oct 2010

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