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Music from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World the movie

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"We Are Sex Bob-Omb" by Sex Bob-omb
Scott (Michael Cera) and his band perform as Knives and Young Neil watch. Opening credits. 0:02
"Scott Pilgrim" by Plumtree
Scott enters his apartment and tells Wallace that he's dating a 17 year old. 0:05
"Ninja Ninja Revolution" by Dan the Automator
Knives and Scott play a video game together at the arcade. He tells her about Pac Man. 0:07
"Go" by Plumtree
Scott and Knives shop in the charity store and then the music shop. 0:08
"Garbage Truck" by Sex Bob-omb
Instrumental. Scott sees Ramona for the first time as walks down the stairs in the library. Stephen shouts and wakes him up from his dream. 0:11
"Churches Under the Stairs" by Broken Social Scene
1st song at the party. Scott talks to a guy on the stairs on his way to the bathroom. He asks him about Ramona. 0:12
"I Heard Ramona Sing" by Frank Black
2nd song at the party. Scott wanders the party looking for Ramona and spots her. He talks to her about Pac-Man. Ramona leaves and Scott asks people about her. 0:12
"By Your Side" by Beachwood Sparks
Ramona and Scott fly through the door on their date. Back at her house she asks him what tea he wants. They kiss each other. 0:23
"O Katrina!" by Black Lips
At the gig Ramona gets introduced to Scott's friends by his sister. Knives arrives and kisses him. 0:26
"I'm So Sad, So Very, Very Sad" by Broken Social Scene
Crash and the Boys perform on stage. Very brief. 0:27
"We Hate You, Please Die" by Broken Social Scene
Crash and the Boys perform on stage a second time as Stephen panics backstage. 0:28
"Garbage Truck" by Sex Bob-omb
Sex Bob-Omb perform on stage. Matthew Patel appears for his fight. 0:29
"Slick (Patel's Song)" by Dan the Automator
Matthew Patel sings during the song. 0:34
"Teenage Dream" by T-Rex
After breaking up with Knives Scott gets the bus home. 0:39
"Final Fantasy II Battle I" by Nobou Uematsu
Scott plays the music from Final Fantasy II on his bass guitar. 0:40
"Summertime" by Sex Bob-omb
The band practice until the door bell rings and Scott answers it. Ramona enters then leaves with Scott. 0:41
"To Ramona" by The Flying Burrito Brothers
Scott panics as he talks with Wallace about Ramona changing her hair. 0:42
"Ramona" by Michael Cera
Scott sings and plays guitar for Ramona. 0:43
"Sleazy Bed Track" by The Bluetones
Scott and Ramona talk about his hair and his ex-girlfriend. 0:43
"Universal Theme"
Instrumental. On the film set we meet Lucas Lee (Chris Evans). 0:45
"Nervous Breakdown" by Eddie Cochran
Playing in the coffee shop as Scott talks to an angry Julie. 0:55
"Indefatigable" by Sex Bob-omb
An angry Knives dyes her hair to compete with Ramona. Later Sex Bob-Omb perform on stage. 0:59
"It's Getting Boring By the Sea" by Blood Red Shoes
After they've performed the band talk at the bar. Knives arrives and hugs Neil to show off in front of Scott. 1:00
"Black Sheep" by Metric and Brie Larson
The Clash at Demonhead perform on stage. 1:01
"Bass Battle"
Scott and Todd (Brandon Routh) battle with their bass guitars. 1:08
"Latin America" by Holy Fuck
After Scott and Ramona defeat Roxy Scott orders two gin and tonics from the bar. 1:18
"Katayanagi Twins Attack" by Cornelius
The Katayanagi twins perform and tear the roof off. 1:21
"Threshold" by Sex Bob-Omb
Sex Bob-Omb perform on stage against the twins at the battle. 1:22
"Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl" by Broken Social Scene
Scott jumps into the crowd after the battle and goes to talk to Knives. 1:24
"Under My Thumb" by The Rolling Stones
Ramona breaks up with Scott and Gideon (Jason Schwartzman) signs the band despite Scott's protests. 1:25
"Ramona" by Beck
Scott walks alone then hits his head repeatedly on pole. 1:27
"No Fun" by Sex Bob-omb
Sex Bob-omb are performing on stage as Scott arrives out of the lift. 1:31
"We Are Sex Bob-omb" by Sex Bob-omb
Sex Bob-omb perform on stage as Scott fights Gideon's men with his sword. 1:32
"Ramona" by Beck
1st song in end credits. 1:48
"Summertime" by Sex Bob-Omb
2nd song in end credits. 1:49
"Threshold (8 Bit)" by Brian LeBarton
3rd song in end credits. 1:50

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