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"Dawn Patrol" by Paul Haslinger
(Score) Opening scenes. Shooting at New Line Cinema logo. Smith's face, biting a carrot. 0:00
"Breed" by Nirvana
Smith in a shootout in the trying to protect the pregnant woman. Title screen. Smith delivers the baby. 0:02
"Mister Hertz" by Paul Haslinger
(Score) Smith hands the baby to the mother. Hertz approaches and rests his gun on a fallen bad guy and tries to shoot Smith and the mother as they escape. The mother breast feeds the baby. 0:03
"Tit-4-Tat" by Paul Haslinger
(Score) Smith hits Hertz with the gun he can't fire and runs behind some barrels. He picks up the mother and runs up the stairs but she's dead. 0:05
"The Joker and the Thief" by Wolfmother
Smith picks up the baby and runs to the rooftop as the baddies follow him up. A shootout ensues on the rooftop with Smith smashing the lights and then jumps through a window. 0:06
"Dirty Laundry" by Bitter:Sweet
Smith enters the brothel after a nun opens the door. He makes his way upstairs and enters a room. 0:15
"Money" by Jesca Hoop
In the room Smith observes a man in bed then chucks him out. He shows the baby to Donna. 0:16
"Copping a Feel" by Paul Haslinger
Hertz and his men bury some bodies under a flyover. Hertz feels up the body of the mother. 0:18
"Stealing a Beamer" by Paul Haslinger
(Score) Smith's steals a silver BMW car. 0:22
"Ride of the Valkyries" by Richard Wagner
Hertz's ringtone on his mobile phone. 0:23
"Play With Your Pussy" by Max Romeo
Smith buys some guns and bullets from the gun shop. 0:26
"Zen" by Strapping Young Lad
Heavy metal video on the TV which makes Oliver stop crying. 0:31
"Ace of Spades" by Motörhead
Shootout in Smith's hideout. Smith uses a rope to jump down the staircase but the rope is shot. 0:32
"Rat Bastard" by Paul Haslinger
(Score) After the shootout at Smith's place the baddies use dogs to find Smith and Oliver but it doesn't work. 0:35
"Landscape" by Marr
A metal band plays live in the club. The owner shows them the apartment upstairs. 0:37
"Lab Discoveries" by Paul Haslinger
(Score) Smith and Donna discover the baby factory in the apartment. 0:39
"Patient Eye" by Midnight Movies
Smith and Donna kiss and have erm, sex. 0:45
"Coral Den" by Midnight Movies
Smith has a shootout with baddies whilst simultaneously having sex with Donna. 0:46
"Spanking Mom" by Paul Haslinger
(Score) Smith gets angry at a mother spanking her child so he decides to spank her. 0:49
"Warehouse Shootout" by Paul Haslinger
Shootout at the gun warehouse with Smith. He has rigged guns to kill some of the baddies. 0:55
"Switch On" by Paul Oakenfold
A car chases Smith and Donna on a bridge and Smith jumps off into the sunroof of a BMW. The baddies chase him and he kills them all. 0:58
"Mutual Interests" by Paul Haslinger
(Score) Smith calls the Rutledge camp. 1:02
"If You Want Blood, You Got It" by AC/DC
Smith jumps out of the plane with a parachute and fights a gun battle with some more baddies on the way down. 1:07
"Smith Captured" by Paul Haslinger
(Score) After the parachute jump Smith stumbles injured into a building. 1:09
"The Interrogation" by Paul Haslinger
(Score) Smith is held captive and Hertz breaks his fingers to get him to talk. 1:10
"Private Hell" by Iggy Pop
Smith escapes the interrogation and struggles to shoot Hertz. 1:13
"Final Showdown" by Paul Haslinger
(Score) Hertz catches up with Smith and Smith shoots him. 1:14
"Destination Nowhere" by Paul Haslinger
(Score) Smith leaves the building and rides a bus with the dog. 1:17
"What Took You So Long" by Paul Haslinger
(Score) In the diner Smith sees Oliver again and then Donna. They kiss. 1:17
"Kickstart My Heart" by Motley Crue
Closing scenes. End credits. 1:19

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