Music from Slackers the movie

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"Baba O'Riley" by The London Philharmonic Orchestra
Opening scenes. Dave narrates. Dave and Sam film the runners. Jeff climbs into the back of a truck. 0:00
"Three is a Magic Number" by Blind Melon
Dave, Sam and Jeff do activities together as a threesome. 0:14
"Rock N' Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This)" by Handsome Boy Modeling School
Dave explains to 2 girls in a club that he's a commercial airline pilot. Jeff flashes his FBI card. 0:16
"Hold On" by Unknown
Dave and Angela lie on the tennis court and look at the stars. They kiss. 0:37
"Oh Angela" by Jason Schwartzman
Ethan serenades Angela from outside her window until he's hit by a frisbee. 0:52
"The Sign" by Occidental College Glee Club
Dave walks outside as a choir sings. He imagines Ethan with 2 girls, Cameron Diaz and his own mum. The choir sings outside. 1:01
"Hold On" by Unknown
Dave and Angela embrace and kiss in the exam hall as everyone cheers. Dave narrates. 1:15
"Ethan's Song" by Jason Schwartzman
Ethan sings as he plays the piano in the restaurant. 1:17
"Spongebath" by Justin Stanley
End credits. 1:19
"Holy Calamity (Bear Witness II)" by Handsome Boy Modeling School
Sam fantasizes about getting a girl in a club by insulting her.

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