Music from Smoke the movie

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"Baby Wants Kisses" by Annabouboula
Rasid and Paul sit in the cafe and Paul offers him a place to live. 0:07
"Brooklyn Boogie" by Louis Prima
Auggie washes his hands and goes outside. 0:49
"Downtown Train" by Tom Waits
Paul dances with April in the bar as Auggie and a woman arrive. They introduce each other. 0:59
"Sexy Dumb Dumb" by Sophia George
Rashid reads a mens magazine in the shop until Auggie returns. 1:06
"Hong Kong" by Screaming Jay Hawkins
Auggie adds photos to his scrapbook as the phone rings. He answers it. 1:18
"Innocent When You Dream" by Tom Waits
Closing scenes. Auggie and Paul sit in the cafe. Video of Auggie's story. End credits. 1:38
"Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" by Jerry Garcia Band
2nd and last song in end credits. 1:44

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