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"Tear Me Up" by Stefy Rae
Pillow fight on a trampoline in the house. Girls dance in sync. 0:00
"I Like Dem Girls" by Classic
The girls toast upstairs. 0:04
"Break It Down" by Alana D
The rest of the girls realise Megan is ok and they explain what's happening. 0:07
"Goodbye Summer" by The Daylights
Cassidy calls Andy on her mobile. He tells her he's updating his facebook status and she tells him that there are some things that he doesn't know about her. She asks if he'll come to the Theta party. 0:30
"I Get Around" by Dragonette
Mrs Crenshaw leaves in her car leaving the girls in charge of the house. They get ready for the party. Claire tries to get Mickey into the hot tub. 0:33
"Petit Pays" by Cesaria Evora
Chugs arrives at her therapists appointment but no-one seems to be there. She finds him handcuffed to the bed. 0:34
"Say What You Want" by The Deekompressors
At Theta Pi house. Filling up the hot tub with bubbles. 0:38
"42 West Avenue" by Cashier No.9
A half naked Claire and Mickey jog into the house past the girls. Mickey looks under a girls skirt. Cassidy asks if Ellie is ok. Ellie heads down to the basement. 0:41
"No You Girls" by Franz Ferdinand
1st song at the party. Some kid slams into the floor after jumping into the suds then breathes fire. 0:50
"Alcoholic" by Cash Crop
2nd song at the party. A hooded figure reveals herself as a topless girl (rather than a killer). Andy appears behind Cassidy and surprises her. Claire doesn't like Mickey grinding up into her. 0:51
"Get Up" by A.D.
3rd song at the party. Mickey dances with girls. Some guy drinks from a long tube. 0:52
"Doin' My Thing" by King Juju
4th song at the party. Mickey spots Ellie on her own outside and goes to talk to her. He flirts with her but she knocks him back. He tries it on with a couple of girls trying to get into the party. 0:53
"Ghosts" by Ladytron
5th song at the party. Mickey shouts up at Ellie in the window, telling her not to tell Claire. Cassidy tells Claire she's better off without him as she puts on makeup. 0:55
"This Night" by Ron Underwood
6th song at the party. Mickey looks for Ellie upstairs and pulls down a sheet to be hit in the leg by the killer. He smashes a window upstairs to try and attract attention from partygoers below. 2 guys look up but don't try to help. 0:57
"Get You Home" by Shwayze
7th song at the party. Ellie screams as she runs downstairs. The girls follow her while Jessica tells Kyle that she has everything under control. Ellie tries to tell them what happened but can't. 0:58
"I Want Your Love" by Chromatics
8th song at the party. Cassidy pulls Andy away from some guy and tells him to leave for her. The girls beep the horn to get her over. 1:02
"I'm Good, I'm Gone (Black Kids Remix)" by Lykke Li
Jessica walks through the now empty house shouting for Kyle as the music blasts out. Eventually she pulls the plug out. 1:20
"Tears For Affairs" by Camera Obscura
Jessica finds Maggie in her bed thinking it was Kyle. 1:14
"Emergency" by Aimee Allen
The house burns. The remaining girls leave walking in slow motion as the house burns behind them. Welcome back Theta Pi. 1:34
"Emergency" by Aimee Allen
1st song in end credits. 1:36
"This Night" by Ron Underwood
2nd song in end credits. 1:38

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