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Music from Southland Tales the movie

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"Me And Bobby McGee" by Waylon Jennings
Krysta has a lunch meeting with adult film director Cindi. Krysta reveals that she is sleeping with ‘a very large and important man’. 0:13
"Oh My Angel" by Bertha Tillman
Boxer and Ronald eat at a diner and discuss the film. Taverner is beckoned over by 2 guys (his uncle and one with a mowhawk). Boxer sees Serpentine smoking a cigarette. 0:39
"If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)" by Louis Armstrong
In the back of the book store Boxer meets Inga Von Westphalen (mother of Baron) and a midget named Dr. Katarina Kuntzler. Serpentine says ‘Don’t look so scared, Mr. Santaros-the future is just like you imagined’. 0:42
"Wave Of Mutilation" by Pixies
After the murders Boxer and Ronald run away from each other. Ronald drives off in his car. Boxer receives a phone call but it takes him some time to find his phone. Zora and Bing run away from their hideout on their rollerblades. 0:50
"Teen Horniness Is Not A Crime" by Sarah Michelle Gellar and Nasty Breeze
Nana Mae Frost is watching Krysta’s music video on a monitor. Madeline tells someone go look for her and to bring her to the house immediately. 1:04
"Blackout" by Muse
Boxer leaves the house and is waiting for his valet to arrive with his car. Krysta walks past and says ‘I Love You, Jericho Kane’. She gets in a car and drives off. Boxer gets a call from Starla. He turns around and sees Dr. Kuntzler sitting on the stairs. Boxers car arrives and he drives off. 1:09
"All These Things That I've Done" by The Killers
Pilot lip-syncs the song, walking around the arcade in a drunken daze. Nurses dance around him. He pours his can over his head and stares into the camera. 1:17
"Broken Hearted Saviour" by Big Head Todd & the Monsters
Zora is in a rage on the phone to Cyndi, Krysta has stolen the tape of the Dream/Dion murder. She throws her phone at the wall, breaking it. Boxer drinks a six-pack of beer as he is watched by Starla. 1:27
"Three Days" by Jane's Addiction
Krysta and her friends enter a bar called the PoopDeck. She walks into the ladies toilets and leaves the tape to be collected. Zora and Bart chase Krysta and her friends and are shot by the soldier. 1:33
"Howl" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Boarding procedure for Mega-Zeppelin. Boxer exits an elevator with his wife and they walk into a bar. The camera follows Serpentine and she dances into another room. She dances with Baron Von Westphalen and then kisses him. 1:42
"Forget Myself" by Elbow
Nana Mae Frost calls Bobby. She tells him that the Neo-Marxists are rigging the election in their own favour and that something must be done about it. 1:49
"Planet Telex" by Radiohead
Roland injects himself in the neck with the Fluid Karma syringe. Pilot starts narrating saying what happened in Fallujah was called ‘friendly fire’ accident. Martin asks him where they are going and Roland tells him downtown. 1:54
"The Star Spangled Banner" by Rebekah Del Rio
Rebekah Del Rio performs live on stage. Ronald and Martin chain the ATM to the SUV and rip it from the wall. 1:56
"Memory Gospel" by Moby
Onboard the Mega-Zeppelin, Krysta and her friends dance onstage wearing gasmasks. At US-IDent, all the power is shut off and rioters break inside of the building, killing all of the workers and Nana Mae Frost in her office. Boxer starts dancing with Krysta. 2:06
"Tender" by Blur
1st song in end credits. 2:26

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