Music from Species the movie

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"Say You're Gonna Stay" by Daryl D. Bonneau
Sil enters the nightclub she was directed to. A man asks where she's from but is interrupted by another woman. Sil follows the woman to the bathroom.
"Keep Hope Alive" by Crystal Method
2nd song in the club. A woman sees the blood in the bathroom and the team enter as Sil leaves with a man.
"Come Into My Life" by Joyce Sims
Plays briefly on the car radio as Sil and the man pull into his driveway. Also plays when Sil starts up the BMW and the song plays on the radio. It eventually runs out of petrol next to the beach so she leaves it.
"Take Me" by Lattanzi (Feat. Crystal Taliefero)
The team following Sil have a drink in the club. Laura and Press have a drink at the bar. Dan gets a feeling and goes outside.
"If You Don't Know Me By Now" by Siedah Garrett
After a job well done the team go for a drink. Laura and Press dance and Press panics when he sees someone looking like Sil. Laura goes to the bathroom.

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