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"This Ship Was Built to Last" by The Duke Spirit
Nikki (Ashton Kutcher) looks out from the balcony then makes his way inside as he narrates. He leaves a note and leaves walking down the road. 0:00
"Mainstay (Unsettled Mix)" by AM
Nikki enters a bar, greeting the bouncers, and makes his way upstairs. He meets Samantha (Anne Heche). 0:02
"Down in the Valley" by The Broken West
He kisses Samantha outside and drives her home. 0:06
"Dr. Love" by Bumblebeez
Nikki and Sam have sex in her apartment. They shop together then have more sex. 0:11
"Been So Long" by Uniao
Nikki drives away from the airport after dropping off Samantha. Later he has thrown a party at Samantha's house and talks to his friend, Harry (Sebastian Stan). 0:14
"Hot Bed" by The Whigs
Nikki and Samantha have sex right after she's caught him cheating with another woman. Nikki eats in a cafe. 0:28
"International Travel Advisory" by Kurt Hagardorn
Plays in the cafe as Nikki tries to impress Heather (Margarita Levieva) by pretending he's talking on the phone. 0:33
"Last Time Rewind" by Kurt Hagardorn
2nd song in the cafe after Nikki has been given his ticket. Heather asks him out. 0:35
Plays in the strip club as Nikki, Harry and Harry's friend watch the dancers. 0:53
"Big Star" by Isa & The Filthy Tongues
Harry throws Nikki's stuff off the balcony. He sells his clothes and calls his mother. 0:55
"Right Hand On My Heart" by The Whigs
Nikki struts at a hotel pool and links up with an older woman. He spots Heather and they talk in the pool. 0:58
"Shak'em Loose Tonight" by Rumspringa
Nikki and Heather drink in a bar and they spot Heather's target. They dance together. 1:03
"Think Of You" by Carney
Nikki and Heather kiss on the beach at sunset. He watches her leave in the morning. 1:12
"But My Heart Is Broken" by Swimmer One
Sitting outside at a cafe a girl catches Nikki's eye. He picks up an employment newspaper and arrives back at the apartment to find Heather has gone to New York. 1:16
"Ms. November" by The Silver Seas
Nikki arrives at Harry's apartment and hugs him. They all head to the airport. He arrives in New York and knocks on the apartment door. 1:22
"The Garden That You Planted" by Sea Wolf
Nikki leaves the guys apartment in New York. He drops groceries off at Samantha's house. 1:27
"Ode To L.A." by The Raveonettes
End credits. A frog eats a mouse. 1:31

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What was the song that played when Ashton dove into the pool and swam to the plate of food?
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