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"Where U At" by Tek Luciano & M.O.
Stan leaves the video store with a bag of videos to deliver. In the car Teddy introduces Mia and Nadine has a go at Stan for dressing like a cowboy. Stan explains to his friends that he has to drop of the videos. 0:05
"Where U At" by Tek Luciano & M.O.
Stan spots a 'MILF' in the car next to them as they're stuck in traffic. 0:08
"Long White Cross" by Pluto
Stan sparks up a joint as they're driving alone. Each has a smoke. Teddy comments that Stan is like the Rachel Ray of weed. The music stops when they hit something on the road. 0:13
"This Is Your Night" by Rie Sinclair
The gang enter the gas station to grab a snack. The native american indian behind the counter mistakes Stan for Van Helsing. 0:22
"Ice Cream Man" by PMG
Michael Jackson serves ice cream to kids. 0:31
"Crazy" by Patsy Cline
As the gang enter the bar the old man whose dog they killed is singing karaoke. 0:31
"Run With Me Tonight" by Davernoise
Plays in the bar as Stan realises they've been signed up for karaoke. 0:35
"Ring Of Fire" by Johnny Cash
Stan sings and the rest of the guys provide backing vocals on stage in the bar for karaoke. It doesn't go down well. 0:36
"Buck" by Secret Society House
Flashback to when Stan and Nadine were dating. Stan goes to pick up the food from the bar and ignores the plight of everyone on the way back to a shocked Nadine who breaks up with him. 0:42
"Red Whine" by Thunderheist
The gang see the vampire strippers in the window who get up and start to circle them. 0:54
"Foreign Affairs" by The Saturday Knights
Fantasy sequence with the vampire strippers pole dancing. 0:55
"Picture You" by Miko
As Nadine and Mia are having air blown up their skirts Mia begins to dance. (short clip) 0:58
"Y.M.C.A." by Village People
The monsters perform their song in the bar as part of the karaoke battle. (lyrics of the original song changed) 1:11
"I Don't Want To Go Home" by Southside Johnny
The gang perform their song in the bar as part of the karaoke battle. (lyrics of the original song changed) 1:13
"Touch Ya Body" by Chucky Preston
Mia gives Teddy a lapdance in the rear of the taxi. 1:23
"Say It Again" by Scribe (Feat. Tyra Hammond)
1st song in end credits. Outtakes. 1:25
"Touch Ya Body" by Chuck Preston
2nd song in end credits. 1:29

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please..i wanna download song for davernoise...where i can download coz i love that song.
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yanto at 08:20AM, 5th Mar 2010
i can't find "Ice Cream Man" by PMG
Quote neteller casino's comment
neteller casino at 11:24AM, 10th Nov 2010
I'm looking for one of the songs that were on the end of the movie when the credits were rolling I don't know the name of it.I think it was the 3rd for 4th song at the end with the credits.
Can u help me find out the name ? I know its a good dancing song.
Quote vicki tredo's comment
vicki tredo at 04:34AM, 2nd Dec 2010

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