Strange Wilderness

Music from Strange Wilderness the movie

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"Pushin' On" by The Quantic Soul Orchestra (Feat. Alice Russell)
In the forest Peter jumps out of the RV. 0:02
"I Got a Line on You" by Spirit
The guys head off in the truck. A satellite dish is ripped off as they drive. 0:22
"Yeah #2" by Young Birdie (Feat. Fala & LeAndra Haynes)
Plays on the radio of the guy in his car honking his horn. 0:28
"Supernatural" by By Divine Right
Peter eyes up a woman sitting in the dentist waiting room reading a magazine (Instrumental). 0:30
"Maggie" by Magic Fern
Driving in the truck with the Nitrous leaking in the back. 0:31
"On the Road" by The Bossmen
The guys enter Mexico. 0:40
"Cityzen Citysoy" by Yerba Buena
The gang fly the rest of the way and get dropped off to meet Dick. 0:43
"Lookin' for Trouble II" by Kim Wilson
After leaving their rivals the gang head through the jungle following the map. They stop to complain the map is wrong. 1:01
"Hush" by Deep Purple
The gang approach Bigfoot's cave. 1:03
"Go Cat Go" by Carl Perkins
End credits. 1:20

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What's the first instrumental song that plays on the credits and when they are in the RV just about to get and meet the paranoid guy for the map?
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