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Music from Streets of Fire the movie

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"Nowhere Fast" by Fire Inc.
Opening scenes. Ellen Aim performs live on stage. Bikers approach the club. 0:00
"Never be You" by Laurie Sargent
Tom looks at a picture of Ellen and we see her performing on stage in back and white. 0:20
"One Bad Stud" by The Blasters
The Blasters perform live inside Torchie's bar. A dancer gyrates on a stage. Raven has Ellen tied up on a bed upstairs. 0:27
"Blue Shadows" by The Blasters
The Blasters play their 2nd song on stage as McCoy enters the bar. Tom climbs over roofs outside. The dancer takes her top off. McCoy takes a guy upstairs but pulls a gun on him. McCoy bursts into the card game with Raven and pulls on gun on everyone. 0:33
"Sorcerer" by Laurie Sargent
Ellen performs the song on the TV interspersed with shots of people enjoying a night out in the bars. Some girl tells Ellen she's her biggest fan. 0:45
"Countdown to Love" by Winston Ford
Some guys in sunglasses sing the song in the bus as the gang watch and listen. Tom drives. 0:51
"You Got What You Wanted" by The Ry Cooder Band
Tom sits in Reva's cafe as it rains outside. He ends up arguing with McCoy and she storms out. A police officer arrives and tells Tom to come outside. 1:01
"I Can Dream About You" by Winston Ford
The black guys with sunglasses from earlier perform on stage. Tom talks backstage. 1:16
"Tonight Is What it Means to be Young" by Fire Inc.
Ellen performs live on stage. Tom leaves the club and rides off with McCoy. Continues into end credits. 1:21
"Deeper and Deeper" by The Fixx
2nd song in end credits. 1:26

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What is the song in the beginning of the movie when he's (cody) in the diner. Right BEFORE cody starts fighting with the Road Masters.
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Kurt Despin at 05:33PM, 21st May 2010

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