The Sweet Hereafter

Music from The Sweet Hereafter the movie

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"One More Colour" by The Sam Dent Band (Feat. Sarah Polley)
Nicole and the band perform live at the fairground as her father smiles as he watches. 0:05
"Courage" by Sarah Polley
The kids ride the bus to school through the snowy mountains. Billy drives behind in his red truck and waves at his kids. 0:22
"Dog Track Drizzle" by Sarah Polley
Risa and Billy make love. Nicole gets changed and Risa talks to Billy about Shaun and his kids. 0:42
"Boy" by The Sam Dent Band (Feat. Sarah Polley)
Billy arrives at the Burnell house as Nicole watches from the window. 1:22
"Courage" by The Tragically Hip
Nicole listens to the sing in bed as her father talks to her. The next day he drives her to the deposition and carries her to a wheel chair. Nicole narrates when she enters the building. 1:27
"Courage" by Sarah Polley
End credits. 1:43

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