Music from Teeth the movie

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"Far Too Long" by Gigi Worth
Dawn arrives home and talks to her step-mom on their bed. Her dad comes in with tea. They all talk. 0:09
"Punishment" by Immortal Dominion
As Dawn is talking to her parents Brad's music starts. 0:09
"Love is Worth Waiting For" by Denne Hanna & Dave Lichtenstein
Dawn decorates a T-Shirt and hears banging against her wall. 0:10
"Punishment" by Immortal Dominion
Brad shoots his gun in his room. 0:11
"Who That Chick Be" by Blaze
As Dawn locks her bike up she hears the music on a car stereo. 0:11
"Sold My Soul" by Immortal Dominion
Brad in his room with some girl. He shows her his damaged finger. 0:14
"Spillin the See" by Dave Lichtenstein
Dawn, Tobey and 2 others ride in a jeep into the forest. 0:15
"Melt Away" by Skytrain
Brad and his girl finish having sex in his room. Brad feeds his dog. 0:17
"Mass of the Sacred Heart" by The Benedictine Nuns of St. Cecilia's Abbey
Dawn dreams/imagines about her wedding day with Tobey. 0:22
"Throw Out the Lifeline" by Ella Fitzgerald
Dawn arrives home at night. Her parents tell there's dinner but she tells them she's ate and gets into the shower. 0:38
"Blasphemy" by Immortal Dominion
Dawn arrives home to find her step-mum has collapsed. 0:58
"Awakening" by Immortal Dominion
Dawn arrives home and hears arguing so she leaves. 0:59
"Something to Change" by Immortal Dominion
Brad fights with his dad in his room as his dog barks and his girlfriend watches. Brad turns off the music. 1:13
"You Did (Bomp Shooby Dooby Bomp)" by Chuck Prophet
End credits. 1:26

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