The Terminator

Music from The Terminator the movie

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"You Can't Do That" by Tryanglz
Sarah knocks her friends headphones off as they get ready in front of the mirror. 0:19
"Pictures Of You" by 16mm
Sarah's friend listens to the song as she makes out with her boyfriend in bed. 0:25
"Photoplay" by Tryanglz
Sarah hides in Tech Noir to evade the guy following her. 0:27
"Intimacy" by Linn Van Hek
Sarah's roomate gets stuff out of her fridge until she's surprised by a lizard. As she does this her boyfriend is being attacked by the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger). 0:28
"Burnin' In The Third Degree" by Tryanglz
2nd song in Tech Noir as Sarah hides. She gets off the phone with police. The Terminator enters looking for her. 0:31

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